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Bar with fun games and activities in Copenhagen

At Barkowski there’s always something to do, and it’s all for free! We have many different games and activities that spice up things when going out. The place is furnished with a comfortable leather sofas, rustic old wooden chairs and tables lit up by calm candle lights to create a laid-back setting with a very cosy atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to bring friends, colleagues, or family for a drink or two, play some games, and of course enjoy each other’s company and good vibes.

Table football bar in Copenhagen

You can always use our table football table for free at Barkowski.

Pool bar in Copenhagen – Barkowski

Playing pool is always fun and there’s nothing better than battling your friends while enjoying cold beers.

Darts bar in Copenhagen – Barkowski

At the upstairs area of our bar, it’s possible to play darts completely free.

Play backgammon, chess and dice at Barkowski for free

Looking for a bar to casually play a board game while drinking?