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Play backgammon, chess, and dice at Barkowski for free

Looking for a bar to casually play a board game with your friends? At Barkowski our guests can play a chess game, use one of our backgammon games, or show off in a game of dice. We have plenty of space and a wide selection of beers and drinks worth trying as you play one of our many games that are all for free.

The atmosphere is filled with cosy and laid-back vibes combined with rustic interior and candle lights that create a warm and comfortable feeling. Whether it’s for a casual game over a drink or a competitive game with full focus, we have something for the occasion.

Fun dice games while drinking 

In Denmark, it’s very common to see people playing dices at bars. It’s a great way to interact with each other and it adds some competitiveness to drinking. But of course, it doesn’t always have to be competitive – casually playing dices are just as fun.

There are many games to play with dice when you are at a bar. You probably already know a few dice games. In Denmark, many people play “Meyer” which is very similar to the English version called “Mia”. Two dice games we recommend that are very simple and fun to play are 5 dice and 10000.

The 5 dice game instructions

“5 dice” is a super simple game. You can be an unlimited number of players. Each player rolls the dice 5 times. The objective to win the game is rolling an even number 3 times. If a player does so, they win. This game is great to spice things up while drinking. For example, to decide who buys the next round of beers or drinks.

The 10000 dice game instructions

Dice 10000, Ten Grand, Dix Mille, 6-Dice. The game goes under many different names. This game requires six standard dice, and probably something to keep track of your scores. The games are great for longer gameplay since it usually takes longer to finish than other dice games. 

All players start with a score of zero. Each round the players collect points and add those points to their cumulative score. If a player continues rolling and a scoring combination is not rolled during their turn, the accumulated points in that round are unfortunately lost. The turn is then passed on to the next player.

Scoring in the 10000 dice game

Some people play with different scoring. However, here are the basic methods of scoring:

  • Fives are worth 50 points 
  • Ones are worth 100 points
  • When rolling three of a kind it is worth 100 points times the rolled number (for example, 3 fives = 500 points)
  • When rolling four, five, and six of a kind each extra die doubles the number of points scored (for example, 4 fives = 1000, 5 fives = 1500, and 6 fives = 2000)
  • Rolling 1 to 6 straight are worth 1500 points
  • Rolling three separate pairs (for example, 1+1, 2+2, 4+4) are worth 1500 points 
  • Ones are different. Rolling 3 ones = 1000. 4 ones = 2000. 5 ones = 3000. 6 ones = 10000

Every time a player has rolled his dices he has to at least put aside 1 point giving dice to keep rolling. When a player during their turn manages to set a side all six dices in score combinations, it doesn’t have to be in one go, all six dices can be rolled once again in order to gather additional points. However, when a player fails to get a point combination in a roll, all the accumulated points from that round are lost. Therefore, it might be risky to keep on rolling.

Good luck with the dices!