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Darts bar in Copenhagen – Barkowski

At Barkowski we welcome all our guests in a warm and laid-back setting full of cosiness with lit candle lights, sofas, and good vibes. At the upstairs area of our bar, it’s possible to play darts completely free. Nothing’s better than an intense clash of darts while drinking beer with the friends. A perfect setting to starting a good night out.

Play darts in Copenhagen near Nørreport station

Barkowski is located in the heart of Copenhagen, just a few hundred meters away from Nørreport. Therefore, there’s no excuse for not dropping by for a drink and a game darts. While drinking, you can choose to play any of our many games which are always free. Whether it’s darts or something else. 

501 and 301 dart rules – simplest bar dart games

Professional dart matches are mostly “501 up,” and is also one of the simplest dart games to play at a bar. Each player has a starting score of 501, in which the objective is to reduce the score to exactly zero. To win, a player’s’ last thrown dart must land in either a double or the bullseye.

Does a player’s score reach 1 or become negative in a round, the turn ends immediately and the score returns to what it was at the beginning of the round. 

501 and 301 dart score system

Every round the players throw three darts. The score of the darts is then calculated and deducted from the player’s total. Hitting the bullseye scores 50 and the outer ring, the one next to the bullseye, 25. Hitting any of the number segments of the board equals that number. When a dart hits the number segment in either the double or triple ring it counts as double or triple that number.

The 301-dart game follows the exact same ruleset as the 501-dart game. The only difference is that each player starts with 301 instead of 501.

Good luck with the darts and remember: be careful!