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Pool bar in Copenhagen – Barkowski

Looking for a place to challenge your friends in pool? Barkowski is located just a few minutes away from Nørreport and is the perfect place for a game of pool. Playing pool is always fun and there’s nothing better than battling your friends while enjoying cold beers.

Use our pool tables for free

We have two pool tables in the basements which are always available for guests. This setting is the perfect place to battle your mates without being disturbed. Show who’s the true champion of the table. Nothing’s better than competing about who buys the next round of drinks. 

Ask our bartenders to see if there’s a pool table available and play for free.

How to play 8 ball pool at a bar

People can get really worked up over certain aspects of pool. You have probably already had that stupid discussion with a drunk friend who believed to know the rules by heart. Therefore, let’s clarify the 8-ball pool rules once and for all.

The objective of the game

The game consists of 15 “object balls” numbered 1 through 15 which must be pocketed by the white cue ball. The balls numbered 1 through 7 are the solid group and all the balls numbered 9 through 15 are the striped group. Whoever first pockets their group of balls and then the 8-ball wins the game.

Remember to call your shots

An important rule of the 8-ball pool is that a player must call every single detail of how the ball is going to be pocketed. This means that the player needs to inform the opponent about every aspect of their shot and which pocket it’s meant to hit. If this is not clear, the player’s turn ends and it’s the opponent’s turn to shoot the cue ball from where it naturally stops. 

Committing a “scratch” or foul

Scratch is when a player accidentally pockets the white cue ball or commits a foul. A foul is committed when a player hits a ball from his opponents’ group prior to his own. Also, a foul is when a player accidentally shots the cue ball off the table.

When a scratch or foul is committed, the turn is given to the opponent and the white cue ball is shot from its current position. If the cue ball flew off the table, the opponent shoots from behind the “head spot” or line on the table. 

Good luck with your pool table manners!