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Table football bar in Copenhagen – Barkowski

Barkowski is a bar filled with a laid-back and cosy atmosphere and furnished with rustic wooden chairs, leather couches combined with tables that are lit up by candle lights. It’s the perfect place to bring friends, colleagues, and even family. While enjoying a beer from our broad selection of draught and bottles, there’s nothing better than a game of table football.

Play table football for free in Copenhagen

All of our guests are welcome to use our table football table when staying at Barkowski. So, if you are looking to challenge your friends or perhaps some strangers, this is the place and time to shine. Team up with somebody or take up the fight against your opponents on your own. And if you want to make it even more exciting, gather a group of people and host a tournament! There’s always room for some fun and competition at Barkowski. Who knows, maybe you’ll become the next champion of the football table.  

Watch sports and be king of the table football table 

Many of our guests enjoy watching sports. And what’s better than playing a game of football table prior or meanwhile watching sports on one of our three flat screens or big screen? It’s the perfect way to get hyped up and prepare for an evening packed with good vibes. 

We show a lot of different sports matches throughout the year, and we always take good care of the sport-lovers by handing out free snacks for the game. Not to forget our reasonable prices at the bar all night that makes sure that our guests can have a affordable and good evening out. Check out our sports schedule and gather your friends, colleagues, girlfriend, or family for the next major sports clash.

Official table football rules 

Most people have tried to play table football before, and the rules are actually quite straight forward. But let’s clarify the most important aspects of the game once and for all.

Before starting the game, all players have to agree upon the number of points required to win. Normally, the amount of points needed to win is 10. In this case, the game continues until a team reaches a score of 10 goals. 

To decide who serves the first ball, rock-paper-scissors can be used. When serving the ball, the ball needs to be passed between at least two player figures to establish two-ball possession. This avoids goals immediately being scored from the 5-man rod which can be unfair.

When the ball connects with a team’s goal it’s a point, even if it bounces back onto the field again. Once a goal is scored on a team, they are the once to serve the next ball. 

To regulate too slow ball possession on the field, the teams can determine a maximum time for player figures to have the ball. A good idea is to differentiate between maximum ball possession depending on the different rods. For example, set the maximum time at 15 seconds for the 5-man and 10 seconds for the remaining rods.

Remember that lifting, pushing, bumping, and other interference with the football table is not allowed when playing!

Spinning in table football 

There’s no official rule about whether spinning is allowed or not in table football. However, most teams agree upon banning spinning when playing. There are both advantages and disadvantages to spinning. Many people believe that spinning is too random since the player has less control of the rod and which direction the ball is passed.

Good luck on the football field!