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Watch Champions Leauge at Barkowski

The Champions League is the pinnacle of football clashing the finest players from all around the world. It’s the tournament that decides who is truly the number one football team in the world. At Barkowski we love the awesome spectacles and history Champions League is bringing about year after year. So, come join us and become part of the cheerful and tense vibes at our bar and support your favorite football club. We are showing every match throughout Champions League and the atmosphere is always top-notch!

Win free shots and beers

To spice things up a little before kick-off, we always draw a lucky winner of 5 bottles of beer amongst our guests at the bar. So, be here in good time and make sure to get a ticket in order to participate in the prize drawing. Furthermore, we put 10 shots on the line to the football genius who can predict the result of the match. It’s completely free to participate, so make sure you give it a go!

Free snacks when booking a table

We always treat our customers like family. So, we have prepared a basket full of snacks including nachos, salt pretzels, and peanuts with salsa on the side for our guests who has booked a table in advance. You can book a table up to 1 hour in advance but make sure to book a table in good time, so you have a good spot for the match.

How to book a table

You can book a table easily by calling us or simply by writing us a text message including your name and how many people you are to +45 5382 9090. When booking a table for Campions League, you’ll have the table during the entire match. Feel free to step by even before the match for some drinks, games and activities to get hyped up for the big game!