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Christmas at Barkowski – probably the best month of the year

December is approaching quickly, and you know what that means. It’s time for Christmas madness at Barkowski! If this time of the year doesn’t get you excited, coming to Barkowski for sure will. The place is completely transformed into a festive Christmas-like atmosphere and will feel like stepping into Santa’s workshop, but with a bar. And because we love our Christmas and our guests, they are treated very special this month.

And because it’s Christmas, we treat our guests very special. Every day we give away crazy gifts to our guests at the bar. And even better, it’s time for the must-see Barkowski Christmas series where a new episode is released each day until Christmas Eve.

The Barkowski Christmas series – a must-see

This is no ordinary Christmas series. In this special Barkowski edition, three very brave bartenders from Barkowski take on the challenge of drinking 24 different beers in just one day. Everything is filmed on the same day, which spices up the episodes from day to day as the alcohol kicks in slowly.

The rules are simple. One episode, one beer, one challenge. First, the team drinks a beer and then proceeds with completing a challenge. The boys have to complete each challenge in order to continue to the next episode, where a new beer and challenge awaits them.  

We will be posting clues about today’s episode on Facebook and Instagram. Are the boys able to drink 24 beers and stay sober enough to complete all the challenges? Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram and come visit our bar for a daily dose of laughter.

Don’t miss the Barkowski advent calendar – big giveaways every day

Part of Christmas is giving away gift to the ones you truly care about. At Barkowski our guests are everything to us. Therefore, we have made our very own advent calendar. Every day at 20.00 pm, until Christmas Eve, we give away crazy gifts to lucky guests at our bar. Last year we gave away all a bottle of shots to a Nespresso machine, so you don’t want to miss out. Follow our Facebook and Instagram in order to get hints and clues about today’s giveaway.

How to participate in the Barkowski advent calendar

From 19.00 to 20.00 each day in December it is possible to participate in our daily giveaway. All you have to do is get a ticket from one of the bartenders at the bar. Everyone can participate in the giveaway, it’s completely free.

Just make sure you are at Barkowski between 19.00-20.00 in order to receive a ticket. At 20.00 pm the winner of today’s giveaway is announced. After we show today’s episode of Barkowski Christmas series on the big screen. 

And as always… Christmas beer!

December equals Christmas beers! Our bar is spiced up with three distinctive beers you have to try:

  • 4x Tuborg Julebryg (bottle) – DKK 100 
  • 1x Grimbergen Noël or Jacobsen Gold Naked Christmas Ale (draught) – DKK 58
  • 1x Home-brewed Barkowski Gløgg – DKK 55
  • Danish pebernødder (Christmas biscuits) – 1 portion DKK 20 or 3 portions DKK 50