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Fantasy Football

Fantasy Euros 2021

If you, like us, can’t wait for the European Championship to kick off we have some incredible news for you!
This summer we’re launching a Barkowski/Léanowski Fantasy Euros 2021 on www.holdet.dk

Whether you are a football fan, an absolute topclass footballer, or you just like to get smashed and down pints while enjoying yourself amongst fellow hooligans; this is for all of you!

You don’t need to be Sir Alex Ferguson (common guys, he is a legend and you all know that) to take part in this event. Simply put together a team and compete against your friends.

The League is gonna run for the entire Euros 2021 and the winner will be the first to ever raise the Barkowski/Léanowski Trophy!

Well that’s nice guys, but how does it work?

Glad you’re asking!

Step by step guidance to participate:

  1. Go to www.holdet.dk
  2. Then you log in to your account. If you don’t have an account you can just create one you find the links for both in the top right corner 
  3.  Click on “Em Manager 2020”
  4. Click on “Spil med gratis”. But you can also choose to buy a packages called guldhold that gives you more substitutions over the season and you can see if players are injured.
  5. Now you need to make your team. You have 50.000.000 kr. to pick 11 players. when that is done press “fortsæt”
  6. Now you need to pick a team name and a captain for your team. Your captain will get double points every week you have him as the captain. And now your team is ready to compete against the other teams in our fantasy league 
  7. Your players get awarded points for their performance in every match they play 
  8. After each round you can substitute some of your players out if they get injured. you can also change your captain after every week if you want to. 
  9. Search for “Euro’s 2021 at Barkowski/Léanowski” and join us!  The password to join the league is “Fadøl”
  10. Search for out Facebook group ““Euro’s 2021 at Barkowski/Léanowski” on Facebook and check out your competition and also what prizes you can win when you watch a match at the bar.


  • If one of your plays scores (while you’re watching the match at either Léanowski or Barkowski) then you win a shot! Just ask for the “Event Bartender” and he’ll give you the shot.
  • If your captain scores then you win a free draft beer! And here the same rules as before are applied.
  • If you win best round then you win 1 drinks ticket + a Denmark Jersey! Just be sure to join our Facebook group so we can come in contact with you.
  • The winner of the entire league will receive 10 drinks tickets + a Denmark Jersey (The actual one they wear). Your name will also go on our trophy which will be displayed at Léanowski for eternal glory!